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Norton House strives for high standards as a provider of services. In doing so, we recognise the need to encourage diversity and wholeheartedly support a policy of equal opportunities in all areas of our work and responsibilities.

Norton House is committed to an integrated approach to service delivery and works closely with other agencies to support Service Users.

Norton House offers a wide range of practical and emotional support tailored to the needs and aspirations of our Service Users, this can include:

  • Development of daily living skills such as cooking and budgeting
  • Support in managing mental health problems
  • Maximising benefit entitlement
  • Guidance and support in securing voluntary work or access to work and skills training opportunities
  • Guidance and support in accessing educational opportunities and community resources
  • Support in developing social skills and raising self esteem
  • Empowering Service Users to make choices in their lives and realise their potential

Our Service Users enjoy a range of activities including swimming and gym sessions, a cinema club, day trips away and a very popular annual holiday. Norton House also has a Green Group, which meets regularly to discuss how Norton House can do their bit to help the environment.

Mental Health Charter

The Charter for Mental Health is a clear set of statements for service users and carers about what they can expect from local mental health services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  For staff it provides one set of consistent values, making clear what is expected of them and what they can expect from their organisations.

Every person has the right to Mental Health services that:

1. Work together with respect, dignity and compassion

2. Make a positive difference to each person’s recovery and quality of life.

3. Are guided by the individual’s views about what they need and what helps them.

4. Treat everyone as a capable citizen who can make choices and take control of their own life.

5. Give people the appropriate information they need to make their own decisions and choices about their recovery

6. Recognise that mental health services are only part of a person’s recovery.

7. Communicate with each person in the way that is right for them.

8. Understand that each person has a unique culture, life experiences and values.

9. Recognise, respect and support the role of carers.

10. Support their workers to do their jobs well.

11. Challenge stigma, fear and discrimination both within mental health services and in the wider society.

12. Put mental health on a par with physical health

13.    Are culturally competent and can meet the diverse needs of local people

More details of the charter can be found here – Mental Health Charter






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Can I visit the home before I decide to accept the offer of a place?

Yes it is very important to us that once you have been offered a place in a Norton House home, you are able to visit and spend some time getting to know other residents and the Support Worker before making a decision.

How much does it cost to live in a Norton House home?

The charges for supported living vary from home to home depending on its size and facilities.  If you are eligible for Housing Benefit this will cover your rent and service charge and will also entitle you to receive funding from Leicester City Council to cover your support charges. At present both these payments are made directly to Norton House.

In addition we have to make a personal charge to Service Users to cover the costs of what are known as ineligible services i.e. the costs of these services which are not funded by Housing Benefit or Leicester City ILS funding. These services include the cost of Support Workers time spent on shopping, accompanying Service User’s to appointments, food, leisure activities etc, and the cost of the activities programme itself. Again this charge varies from home to home and is currently between £63 and £70 per week.

Charges for living in our Warden Supported Flats are separate, but are made available to those considering making the move to more independent living.

Can I have visitors?

Visitors are very much encouraged but Service Users are responsible for their behaviour at all times.

A copy of our Visitor’s Policy can be found on our Culture & Ethos page.

Does Norton House have rules for the behaviour of Service Users?

Norton House prefers to think about the rights and responsibilities of Service Users.

It is important that Service Users respect the rights of other Service Users and treat them as they would like to be treated themselves.

A copy of our Service Users’ Charter can be found on our Culture & Ethos page.

Will I be under pressure to move on to other accommodation within a certain period of time?

No we believe, and our Service Users confirm, that it is really important that people are able to make progress at their own pace and are not put under pressure to move on before they feel able.  However, when and if you wish to move on to more independent living, we can support you to do so.